Ottilia Enesia Furusa – Director, Zimbabwe

Ottilia Enesia Furusa 

Director, Zimbabwe

Born in Zimbabwe , Ms. Ottilia has had the opportunity to work in Zimbabwe and China. She worked for the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe (MMCZ) from March 1985 up to 31 January 2023. While under the employ of MMCZ, she was assigned to work in Shanghai, China for 3 years from 2007 to 2010.

She has extensive experience in international marketing as she interfaced with mineral buyers, investors, financiers, and traders from all over the globe. This international exposure sharpened her ability to work collaboratively with people from diverse backgrounds. In addition, she has the initiative and diligence to complete tasks independently. She is a hardworking, sincere and a good communicator. She is a successful marketer, planner, administrator, organizer, motivator and decision maker. She is passionate about marketing, public relations and customer care.

She is proud to have completed 38 years of loyal service to the Corporation. She received five (5) long service awards during her tenure. She is a full member of the Institute of Marketing Management (SA) and developed management skills through in-service training. She attended management development courses whilst in the employ of MMCZ and developed outstanding competencies and skills in Marketing and Sales Management, Marketing Information Systems, Monitoring, Logistics Management, Shipping and Export Procedures, Human Resources and Administration, Information Communication and Technology packages.

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